000webhost Review: The Best Free Web Hosting Available? [2019]


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Does using a free web hosting provider like 000webhost hurt your business in the long run? I’ve studied the platform and share my finding about performance, features and capabilities of 000webhost in this video review to find out if it’s possible to get web hosting for free.

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This video focuses on 000webhost and everything their free plan has to offer – this includes free WordPress web hosting.

I’ve tested the limits and speed of their free hosting plan as well as all of the major benefits and downsides you’ll experience by choosing a free plan provided by 000webhost.

First, I’ve analyzed what you’ll be getting with the free web hosting plan of 000webhost and which features you will be missing.

Next, I’ve outlined what performance you can expect when using 000webhost. Like, how many daily and monthly users your website will be able to handle and if you’ll experience any issues or lag when using their free hosting for WordPress.

Based on these results, I’ve compared 000webhost next to Freehosting.com and some paid hosting providers like Hostinger in terms of speed and website response times to determine if 000webhost truly is the best free web hosting available. And if web hosting for free is still as bad as people claim it to be.

Finally, I explain all of the flaws and issues you will 100% run into when using 000webhost in 2019. For starters:

1. Their lack of support for free hosting accounts.
2. A buggy automatic installer for their free WordPress hosting.

Join me as I explain everything there is to now about 000webhost and if the service is worth your time or should you choose something else.

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