12 Most Affordable Ways to Reduce the Cost of Building a New House on a Budget


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This video brings to you 12 Most Affordable Ways to Reduce the Cost of Building a New House on a Budget. Some of the most Affordable Ways to Reduce the Cost of Building a New House on a Budget include:
1. Find a Good Architect
Allow me to draw the following analogy before I start; Most of us when we are sick, we visit the best doctor, or when we have a court case, we hire the best lawyer. But when it comes to building our dream house on the contrary we go for the cheap. A good architect will give you;
• A Good Design – A good design builds a good house.
• Efficient floor plan- Optimal room sizes without space wastage
• Sustainable Design – Low running costs during occupancy
• Good Finishes – Finishes carry the biggest cost of the house
2. Keep the Design Simple
Most times in design, Less is always More. Keep the design simple but not simplistic. Too much zig and zag means more costs. Take off what you do not need and leave the essentials without compromising. A simple design entails:
• Floor Plan – Square/Rectangular plans are cheaper to build than circular plans
• Open plan living – Means less walling, more daylighting and sociable living environment.
• Space Utilization – Use some spaces for multiple functions such as; Dining Cum Study
• Roof Design- Complex roof design means more roofing materials leading to more costs.

3. Hire The Right Builder/Contractor
This is the BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT decision for anyone planning to build their dream house. Hire a builder/contractor that will listen to you. This means he will build a house you want and not what he thinks you want. A good builder will guarantee you:
• Minor Variations- A home build on Budget
• No time overruns- A home build within the contract period
• Good Workmanship- A home build without shortcuts
• Experienced – Good connections with subcontractors
4. Bid out Your Cost
Have quotations / bids from potential builders and compare their quotes. Remember cheaper is not necessarily the best. A good quote will tell you something about your potential builder;
• A low Quote- Could mean Poor workmanship resulting future expensive repairs and maintenance
• Optimal Quote- Could mean a builders discount and good connections with suppliers
• A High Quote- Could mean too many subcontractors involved or building materials are subpar
6. Shop for Fixtures and Fittings Yourself
The choice of house fittings is as subjective as the house owner. Therefore it makes economic sense for you to buy most of them yourself. Keep an eye for annual sale or discount at your local hardware. These may include:
• Floor and Wall Tiles- Colours and Designs
• Toilets , Wash Hand Basins, Kitchen Sinks
• Inbuilt Ovens and Cooker
• Kitchen and Dhobi/Laundry sinks
• Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobes

7. Smart material choices
The choice of materials from the outset is key to managing costs of your building materials. The choices vary from:
• Buying your materials yourself- Use Coupons, discounts or annual sale
• Salvaging used materials- Recycled materials and Second hand fixtures
• Choose a Forgiving Aesthetic- Low cost and Low maintenance

7. Small is Smarter.
Keep it small. Just how much space for you need for your new house. For good Green credentials, building small is always better.
• Scale Down- Get rid of stuff/space you do not need.
• Climate- Design for the regional climate. Do you need a Basement/Garage in the tropics?
• Space Utilization – Use some spaces for multiple functions such as; Dining Cum Study

8. Choose Your Friends
Avoid peer pressure when building your house. Most people would be tempted to build what a friend has built, or Insist on the Architect designing for them a house like their friends. Since design is subjective, go with your gut feeling and pick what fits tour taste and preference as opposed to copy and paste. Unless your friends are contributing to your mortgage payment or construction loan, don’t fall to peer-pressure just because you want to feel like you fit-in.
9. Buy Stock Plans
If you can’t afford an architect, architect designed stock plans like sheltermode.com offer an alternative affordable option. Most stock plans go for a fraction of the cost of professional fees and can be amended on site to suite the client’s needs with marginal costs. Don’t fall prey to plan books and articles in your local store or street vendor. Most of these books are outdated and lack any serious professional input in design and specific.

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