A Preview Of Our Dream House


We’re having a brand new home built for us in Washington state… where we’ll be moving after my retirement at the end of next summer. This video gives you a little taste of what our new home will be like, on a gigantic half acre lot in a new subdivision.

Using a promotional video that the homebuilder (Hammerstrom Construction) made about a previously built version of the same floor plan, I take you from room to room and show you what our dream house is going to be like.

My wife is excited about her new craft room that will house all of her sewing, embroidery, and quilting equipment. She’ll go from a 100 square foot craft room in our current house to a 400 square foot craft room in the new house.

I’ll finally get to have a proper office for my video editing workstation, as well as another room to house my photo and video equipment and some of my model train accessories. The trains themselves will probably end up being stored in the garage when not in use.

Speaking of the garage…
Wait until you see the giant 5 car garage in the video, plus a huge shop out back… neither of which we will be replicating in our dream house.

Construction of the new house should begin in the Spring of 2020. I’ll be retiring from my “real job” (as opposed to my fun job making YouTube videos) at the end of August, and we expect to move in around the beginning of October 2020. The moving process will probably be quite disruptive to my ability to make YouTube videos in the month or so before and after our move… but once we get settled in to the new house and I don’t have a “real job” any longer, I should have much more time to devote to YouTube and this channel ought to get even more interesting.