Alejandro Rodríguez – Orchestrating mobile app releases


Mobile app releases are a manual, tedious and error-prone process when done at scale.

It is not possible to follow a continuous delivery (CD) approach because binaries need to be submitted to the stores, and once published they can’t be rolled back. Moreover, mobile releases can take several days to complete.

In contrast, we deploy the web version of Shopify around 50 times a day. We identified this gap between web and mobile releases as a problem.

In this talk, I’ll explain how my team built a continuous integration (CI) system for our mobile apps (Android and iOS), and how we used this infrastructure as a foundation to build a Ruby on Rails application and other tools to automate and orchestrate releases to Google Play and the App Store, reducing the need for human interaction as much as possible.

We’ll see the challenges of standardizing the release process and the coordination with third-party services like GitHub and the store APIs, and how we made it easier for developers to test the apps.