Amazon Interview preparation- how i cracked SDE 2- tutorial 1 – Introduction


This video is about complete preparation guide for Amazon (Valid for all Tire1 companies like Google, Facebook) Interview preparation(valid for all tire 1 companies) for Software developer engineer 1 and software developer engineer 2, how to prepare in short time and in an most effective manner, Amazon Syllabus, website, link, how to create own answer, how to answer interviewer, how to create resume to get call from tire1 companies.

Complete PlayList Videos are

Tutorial1 :- Introduction – How i cracked Amazon SDE2 Interview!

Tutorial 2 :- Amazon Interview preparation Syllabus – SDE1 and SDE2 complete syllabus

Tutorial 3:- Amazon interview Data Structure and algorithm Syllabus, Questions to read

Tutorial 4:- How to create DataStructure, how to think, where to code

Tutorial 5:- Amazon interview Behaviour questions

Tutorial 6:- Why you want to join Amazon ? – How to answer

Tutorial 7:- Amazon behaviour Questions Answers

Tutorial 8:- Do you have any question?

Tutorial : 9 :- How to create resume for Tire1 companies

Tutorial 10 :- Just Before Interview of Tire1 companies What to read ? – Amazon Interview Preparation -Tutorial 10

Tutotial 11 :- Amazon SDE1 & SDE2 interview rounds – Amazon Interview Preparation – Tutorial 11

Tutorial 12 :- Strategy to crack written test SDE1 & SDE2- Amazon Interview Preparation – Tutorial 12

Tutorial 13 :- Strategy to crack Data Structure & algorithm based questions -Amazon1st & 2nd F2F Round-Tutorial 13

Tutorial 14 :- What is Amazon bar raiser round and how to crack it-Amazon Interview Preparation -Tutorial14