Auxilium round 2 (AUX) Airdrop

Auxilium round 2 (AUX) Airdrop


Auxilium Airdrop is worth up to 120 AUX tokens (~$ 0.40). In addition, 10 lucky winners will receive 400 AUX tokens (~$ 1.33) each.Share your referral link to earn 30 AUX tokens (~$ 0.10) for every referral. Also, there are Leaderboard bonuses for the Top-10 referrers, 1st place will receive 7,500 AUX tokens (~$ 25).

About Auxilium

Auxilium is a philanthropic, green cryptocurrency and the first cryptocurrency with PoA, AID platform and smart contracts, which makes Auxilium near limitless in functionality, making it less sensitive to 51% attacks. Auxilium is listed on CoinGecko and being traded at Mercatox exchange.

Step-by-Step Guide Auxilium Airdrop

  1. Start the Auxilium Airdrop telegram Bot. 
  2. Join Auxilium on Telegram group. (30 AUX, necessary)
  3. Sign up on the Auxilium forum. (30 AUX, optional)
  4. Follow Auxilium on Twitter & Retweet pinned post. (30 AUX, optional)
  5. Join Auxilium partner on Telegram & Twitter. (15 AUX each, optional)
  6. Submit your AUX wallet address and other details to the Bot.

ImportantAUX is not an ERC-20 token. You can opt for 2 different options available to create your AUX address on:

🔹 AUX desktopwallet for the different devices 

🔹 Mercatox exchange

For more details, please check the AUX wallet guide for beginners!