BlackPearl.Chain (BPLC) Airdrop 135 BPLC tokens (~$ 10).


BlackPearl.Chain Airdrop is worth up to 135 BPLC tokens (~$ 10). 

About BlackPearl.Chain

BlackPearl.Chain is pushing decentralization into the future with a third-generation public blockchain implementing a smart contract platform which is 100% compatible with Ethereum, EOS for easy adoption. Its network achieves blazing transaction speeds (Millions TPS) using Sharding and a VRF lightning-fast consensus mechanism designed from the ground up. Its speed and security make it the perfect platform for applications like digital asset trading, social media messaging, payment processing, supply chain tracking, and other high-scale use cases. Moreover, BlackPearl.Chain’s ultra-low gas fees and super low-cost node design makes running node software on mobile phone reality.

BlackPearl.Chain banner

Step-by-Step Guide BlackPearl.Chain Airdrop

  1. Go to the BlackPearl.Chain Airdrop form. 
  2. Join BlackPearl.Chain on Telegram. (40 BPLC)
  3. Subscribe to BlackPearl.Chain on YouTube. (20 BPLC)
  4. Retweet BlackPearl.Chain’s Twitter Post. (40 BPLC)
  5. Share BlackPearl.Chain’s content on Facebook. (35 BPLC)
  6. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form.