[CRACKED] PGBOT – Pokemon Go Bot


Link to cracked bot below!
This video shows a quick walkthrough and explanation of how the new [CRACKED] PG Bot works and how to set up the bot.
Pokemon Go is still popular these days and many people are looking to buy Pokemon Go accounts or find a working Pokemon Go bot.
If that’s what you’re looking for, give PG Bot a try. I am in no way affiliated with PG Bot, I just think the service they provide is worth talking about!

Download: https://goo.gl/1NbtTq

Note: NEED TO TURN OFF ANTIVIRUS FOR THE BOT TO WORK! Antivirus programs can detect this file as virus while it is actually clean. These malware warnings are known as “false positives” and happen because cracked programs have a file layout similar to some viruses. But this is not a virus as many people are using it with no problem on their pc!