Dream Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Tips


Gallery of Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom is your refuge, the most private and personal space in your home. When it comes to decorating that space, each choice should make you feel truly at ease. But because the decorating world is a large one, making those choices can get a little overwhelming. Here are 100 rooms to provide inspiration in choosing just the right style, colors and accessories for the bedroom of your dreams.

Ways with Pattern: Go Bold

Strong color and bold pattern? Sure, why not? Just stick to a limited palette (here it’s orange, gold and pink, but you could use any two or three of your favorite colors) and an equally limited range of patterns. This room shows off harlequin wallpaper with similarly shaped patterns on the throw pillows, chair, and bench. A transparent headboard adds style without blocking the view.

Color Your World: High Contrast
Don’t be afraid to decorate with a strong, contrasting color scheme. You can keep the look under control by sticking to neutrals on the floor and walls. This bedroom sports bright orange and turquoise, but even with the strong statement of the black-and-white checked bed, the room is balanced by the taupe and white on the walls and floors. A spectacular ceiling fixture takes bedroom style even further.

Bedroom Walls: DIY Honeycomb Accent Wall
This amazing ombre honeycomb wall from Vintage Revivals is a fantastic project not just for a little girl’s room as shown here, but for any bedroom, depending on the colors you choose. Picture gray, blue or brown in a master bedroom, or earth tones in a guest room. Whatever color scheme you choose, the secret to this great design is in laying out the wooden honeycomb pattern before picking up your paintbrush. Learn more about the process on the Vintage Revivals blog. Big pompoms are a fun touch on the blanket.

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