Ep 2 Building My Dream Home – Customizing The Floor Plan


0:28 Choosing a Log Home Kit Package
0:58 Adding Reclaimed Wood Timber Truss to a Home
2:00 How to Add a Window to a Home
2:30 Customizing the Garage
3:10 Cedar Board on Board
3:48 Adding an Eyebrow Roof to a Home
4:10 Adding a Dog Room and Doggie Door to a Home
4:30 Adding a Bathroom to a Home
5:15 How to Add a Barn Door to a Home, Reclaimed Rustic Barn door
5:50 Building a Custom Designed Log Home
6:37 Maximizing Living Space
7:40 Storage Ideas for Garage, Adding a Storage Truss Above Garage
Ep 1: “Getting Started” https://youtu.be/5vYx56-ieI4
Ep 2: “Customizing the floor plan” https://youtu.be/FDWh_2p-joI
Ep 3: “The Interior Kitchen Bath and Laundry Room Cabinetry” https://youtu.be/ORdb3PuBuwM
Ep 4: “Customizing The Exterior” https://youtu.be/RSU9ooV15B8
Ep 5: “Construction Begins” https://youtu.be/H443dZuONp0
Ep 6: “Roof & Window Installation” https://youtu.be/J18XiK36-8g
Ep 7 “Log Home Milling & Timber Trusses” https://youtu.be/KxXZtIl3JhE
Ep 8 “Interior Construction Begins” https://youtu.be/HHLVvFP1yjw
Ep 9 “Finishing Touches” https://youtu.be/Yao9zCxiZbw
Ep 10 “New House Tour, Design Ideas, Tips!” https://youtu.be/kcURWoz3AKU
Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhR_ECmZY76_unjn0Z3sbf_D7uUTnPnsu

3D Interactive Virtual Tour of Zach’s home: http://goldeneagleloghomes.com/galleries/3D-virtual-tour-page.asp?VRID=25

Zach’s Floor Plan (Timber Ranch 2286AR-CT) http://www.goldeneagleloghomes.com/plans-and-pricing/plan-details.asp?PID=2084

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Transcript Excerpts:
[00:00:50] Narrator: With the Clearwater floor plan as his starting point, Zach begins the process of customizing his home, beginning with the exterior.

[00:04:05] Narrator: Moving to the interior, Zach places a mud room in between the garage and the entryway. Within the mud room, he adds an area for his dogs, complete with a doggie door with access to the outside. Now he begins customizing the laundry and pantry room.

[00:05:53] Narrator: With Zach’s changes now on paper, the engineering department gets to work implementing the revisions. They also meet with Zach’s local building inspector to verify local building codes that are specific to his building area.

[00:06:31] Narrator: After some clever work by the engineering department, Zach is presented with an opportunity to maximize his living space.