Ep 4 Building My Dream Home – Exterior Options & Choices


0:35 How to choose windows for your home
1:00 Double Hung window
1:48 Casement Window
2:39 Window shades between glass, blinds between the glass
3:00 Retractable screen window
3:40 Reclaimed wood wall
3:58 Cultured stone
4:13 Rustic Cedar
4:23 Aluminum soffit vs wood soffit, stepped wood fascia
5:00 Hand Hewn Logs, Log Home Caulk, Shingles
5:41 Log Home Kit Showroom
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Ep 4: “Customizing The Exterior” https://youtu.be/RSU9ooV15B8
Ep 5: “Construction Begins” https://youtu.be/H443dZuONp0
Ep 6: “Roof & Window Installation” https://youtu.be/J18XiK36-8g
Ep 7 “Log Home Milling & Timber Trusses” https://youtu.be/KxXZtIl3JhE
Ep 8 “Interior Construction Begins” https://youtu.be/HHLVvFP1yjw
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[00:00:02] Zach: It’s a lot of fun picking out what goes on the exterior of the home. When I think of my home or really any of these homes that we that we help people build. I think of a WOW factor.

[00:00:16] Narrator: With the interior of his floor plan finalized. Zack’s last step is to select the exterior design elements and finishes. Today, Zach will be meeting with Derek Schultz design expert at Golden Eagle Log and Timber homes. They’ll start the process with the windows as they discuss the options and features available in Golden Eagles custom timber package.

[00:00:36] Zach: When selecting my windows. My top consideration was I want as much glass as possible. So, for me I didn’t have to worry about privacy. I’m in the middle of a wooded Lot. I don’t have any neighbors. And I also wanted as much natural light as possible. And then the other consideration I had is, I want to make sure that what I choose for my colors as well as the style and it blends well with what I’m looking to do with the rest of the home.

[00:01:00] Derrick: This particular unit is a double hung unit. Which means that both sashes, the bottom sash as well as the top sash are operational. The advantages to this are that you are able to clean this unit by simply pulling these tabs in and cleaning like that. We are also able to do that to the top sash. So especially for areas of your home that aren’t gonna be easily accessible from ground levels you don’t wanna get out a ladder. A double hung unit is definitely a good option for you there these. Encompass vinyl units also have options as far as grills. The window grills for this unit are between the glass so you don’t have to worry about cleaning those separately. One other advantage to this Pella Encompass Vinyl unit is that it is maintenance-free. It’s not going to require any additional maintenance on the exterior or the interior of the home years down the road.

[00:01:48] Derrick: This particular Pella unit has an aluminum clad exterior with a wood interior that I’ll be showing you shortly. This also has an argon filled glass as well as UV coating similar to the encompass unit that I’d showed you earlier. One of the advantages to this particular unit is that it’s a casement unit which happens to be our most energy efficient unit available. The reason being anytime wind were to blow on this unit it actually helps close the unit tighter than what like a double hung unit would possibly do.

[00:02:19] Derrick: There’s approximately thirty different colors available for the exterior of your home. As well as different color options available once we get to the inside. First off addressing the hardware there’s going to be eight different colors available for you to choose from on the hardware. As well as four different wood species available for the interior of the window.

[00:02:19] Derrick: Another advantage of these Pella units is that we have the ability to put accessories between the glass which helps reduce allergens. This particular unit shows shades which are able to be installed from the top down.