Ep 6 Building My Dream Home – Roof & Window Installation


0:15 Engineered Roof trusses vs Stick Framing
1:15 Roof Overhang Construction
1:30 How to Install Roof Sheathing
2:10 House Wrap Installation
2:17 Roof Ice and Water Shield
2:33 Roof Liner vs Felt
3:00 Infloor Heating Installation
3:46 Adding a Porch to a House
4:48 Insulated Garage Doors with Windows and Wifi Garage Door Opener
5:11 Finishing Basement for Future Construction
5:35 Putting a Bathroom in a Basement
6:00 How to Install Windows in a House
6:45 Egress Window Installation
6:57 Installing Window Trim

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[00:00:00] Zach: The last couple of weeks have really surprised me. It’s just amazing how much progress can be made. We have a floor system, a wall system and now we’re ready to actually get the roof trusses up.

Today, we’ll be using engineered roof trusses to build the roof system. This is just one of over 50 different profiles that we have here on the job site. What’s nice about that is these are already pre-built. That means they’ll be able to be assembled and installed very quickly. The builders don’t have to build anything on site. Additionally, what’s really nice is, I am in the heart of Wisconsin, and we get pretty cold winters here. So, all these were engineered to handle the heavy snow loads.

[00:00:40] Narrator: Golden Eagle engineers each home specifically to meet or exceed the local building code. So, whether it’s an earthquake zone, hurricane or heavy snow load area, every home including the roof system, is designed for your area. In addition, Golden Eagle has created a high performance energy truss. Conventional trusses have a cold spot where no insulation can be added but with Golden Eagle’s energy truss, insulation can be added over the top of the wall. A draft stop is also added which allows for a well ventilated yet draft free attic.

Next, the crew begins building the roof overhang. Zach has chosen the stepped Craftsman style overhang. This not only adds style to the home, but also protects it from the elements with its generous three and four foot overhangs. With the roof framing complete, the crew starts to add roof sheathing.

Today, another delivery has been made. As the shingles, house wrap and more have arrived on site. The crew applies the weather resistant house wrap to keep the home warm and dry. Meanwhile, the roofing crew begins the work up top. They start applying the ice and water underlayment. Golden Eagle provides this waterproof shield which prevents damage caused by ice dams and heavy rain. It is generously applied to the eaves and valleys of the roof. Next, they add a layer of recycled synthetic roof liner, which is 25 times stronger than traditional roof felt.

The concrete crew has arrived on site and they begin pouring inside the garage and basement. The tubing for the heated garage and basement floors will now be covered. Once the concrete cures, they will connect the tubing to the boiler.

[00:03:28] Zach: Today we’re installing the boiler. The boiler is going to heat the in floor heat in my basement, as well as in the garage. It will also heat the hot water that runs through the home and then it’s also heating the air exchange. So, the forced air that goes through the home, that air is also being heated up by that boiler.

[00:03:46] Narrator: The house is now ready for the next step, the covered porch. Like the roof system, the porch is also designed to withstand heavy snow loads. To finish off the deck, Golden Eagle supplies are treated, custom hand-hewn trim board, to match the half long texture on the rest of the house.