Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) | Go Incognito 1.4


Welcome to Go Incognito, a full guide to security, privacy and anonymity. This is lesson 4 of Section 1: FOSS! This lesson will explain what is FOSS (Free and open source software) as well as the benefits of FOSS for our privacy/security, control of our data, freedom, usage, and protection from hackers. This is an important term to understand for the remainder of the course.


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1.4.1 Backdoor Pressure
1.4.2 FOSS Study
1.4.3 More on FOSS Video


Go incognito is a course teaching everything you need to know about market manipulation, credit card fraud, identity theft, hacking, leaks, stalking, mass government surveillance, and more…We ALL have something to protect. This course will cover everything from password management, VPNs, Tor, cryptocurrencies, anonymity, cybersecurity, hacking prevention, pseudonyms, and much much more!

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