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Why the Free Software Foundation say iTunes isn’t free software. Matt Lee, Technical Lead at Creative Commons explains.

Swim Tracking App:
UTF8 & the Unicode Miracle:
The Kindle Text Problem:
How this film was made:

A version of this film made with Avid (proprietary software):

This film was produced (almost) entirely with free software. The exception is that I transcoded the original footage to an easier to handle format before I started. The project has taken a week & involved me trying no less than five distros, several types of video editing software and spending hours waiting for renders which most of the time failed. I found a way of working which still took five hours to export from the editing software, in pieces, it was then pieced together by mkvmerge and uploaded.

There are some production issues with this film, such as glitchy audio and some harsh cuts, but they are partly down to my inexperience with the specific editing software and lack of patience and not necessarily purely to the software itself.

Thanks for reading this footnote – next step is to pull together a film on how I made this one! Sean

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

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