Full box of toys. Kid-E-Cats! Robocar Poli free games for kids


Download Kid-E-Cats Picnic – http://bit.ly/2K1P9UK
Download Kid-E-Cats Shop – http://bit.ly/2SZktG0
Download Robocar Poli – http://bit.ly/2zqgl9I

Happy to see you on the official page of DEVGAME company! We develop high-quality mobile games for kids and families.

We are proud of our progress and we’re sure – this is just the beginning.

How did we get to where we are now?

First of all, we love what we do. Secondly, we know all the components of the successful company leading:
clear company goals;
-the “outside of the box” way of thinking;
-close team communication;
-attention to details;
-work for the result as a top priority;
-detailed study of our niche + trends.

What we have achieved by following the chosen vector:
-more than 10 million downloads;
-collaborations with world-famous brands;
-сooperation with popular bloggers;
-entry to the international market;
-wide application language support;
-hits in the TOPs and collections in the App Store and Google Play;
-exponential company growth.

Become a part of the DEVGAME team! Have ideas for future cooperation?

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