Grand Auto Off road Rickshaw Driving : Free Games(By Door to apps) Android Gameplay[HD]


it’s time for fun Prove your driving skills with auto rickshaw in mountains area.

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About This Game :- Drive TukTuk Rickshaw:
Drive the mountain rickshaw in your leisure time and enjoy the auto rickshaw drive in the hilly areas on the off road. Rickshaw gives you the realistic drive to enjoy on the mountains rather. Tuk Tuk rickshaw is a free wheeler drive. It is new experience for the off road drivers. Now you are the driver of the rickshaw. Keep an eye on your speed meter. Don’t go too fast. Accept Challenges, it’s really difficult to drive in these areas. You can fall off from the mountains. Drive Passengers, Pick up your passengers from one stop and drive them to their next stop. It is real fun to drive the rickshaw cab with passengers.

Adventure of Rickshaw Driving:
In this rickshaw game there are multiple rickshaws and you are a rickshaw driver. You are master in driving but you have not driven any rickshaw before this. This is your first auto rickshaw drive. So be very careful while driving auto rickshaw. You might have played other simulation games and you got bore of all those games but you will love this rickshaw games.

Game Play:
Drive like public transport and provide best services to the passengers by dropping them on their destination within time limit. The game will test your skills of acceleration, steering, driving and parking. Accept the challenge which is really difficult to drive in off road fast as you can be passing through curvy roads. To prove you as a good off road tuk tuk driver. If you have not travelled in tuk tuk rickshaw then this is the best chance for you to experience the auto rickshaw ride. The amazing off road tuk tuk rickshaw game gives you the chance to drive rickshaw games.

We bring the best auto rickshaw in off road environments for you. Where you can show your driving skills in a hilly track. There are verity of endless traffic and also has a rough off road environment. You can grab this opportunity to ride a three wheeler vehicle and enjoy the best modern rickshaw in the huge 3D environments.

Auto Rickshaw Features:
-Various challenging levels
– Different hilly environments
– Multiple camera angles
– Stunning 3D graphics
– Smooth controls
– Modern rickshaw vehicle
– Off road thrilling drive
– Endless traffics
– Immersive sound

How to Play:
1. Select your favorite rickshaw
2. Select your desired level.
3. Tap on left to turn left.
4. Tap on right to turn right.
5. Tap on throttle to accelerate.
6. Hit brakes to stop and keep it hold to reverse.
7. Tap on hand brake to completely stop the vehicle.
8. Pick up the passengers from their stops.
9. Avoid hitting other vehicles.
10. Drop the passengers on their destination safely.


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