HALLOWEEN323/ BLANCHE................

The battered woman
the wrath of a man
‘the masochistic, i deserve it, self effacing, all my fault, please hit me more syndrome."

"The Battered woman syndrome… describes a pattern of psychological and behavioral symptoms found in women living in battering relationships.

There are four general characteristics of the syndrome:

1. The woman believes that the violence was her fault.
2. The woman has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.
3. The woman fears for her life and/or her children’s lives.
4. The woman has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient."

Men start wars, continue fighting them, spend trillions on them, reap profits from them,
justify their beginning, their continuance, and meet and shake hands at peace talks.

Men send their sons and daughters to die in WARS.

Men shout battle cries, carry the guns, the swords, aim the missiles, push the buttons.

Men make up the majority of prisoners,

Men do most of the crimes, and usually its men who physically harm other human beings.

Men make up the 10 FBI most wanted,

Men are usually the people in power in the majority of the world.

Men hurt men who hurt men who hurt men who will in essence hurt women.

Men are usually physically stronger than woman though this is being debated.

In half the worlds people men pray with other men, talk only to other men in public, cannot talk to other woman in public, &
think they are superior to the female race,

and in these societies woman dont even have rights to leave their home without a BURKAH or CHADOR covering their entire bodies.

Men can sit and drink tea all day wear western clothes, do whatever they want to do and still rule the roost.

Women cannot.

There are woman in Afghanistan Pakistan Somalia and other places who are stoned to death for being seen without a CHADOR or for simply talking to a man, i.e. for not following Sharia law.

She is taken to a stadium or an unconcealed area and people throw huge rocks at her.

Rocks that weigh 5- 10 pounds.

This happens in 2019!

There are women in BANGLADESH and INDIA who are burned severely if there is suspicion of them cheating on their husbands. Chemicals like lye are thrown on their faces. Men do these things to women.

Men make up the laws.

Men supposedly and most probably created the Bible, the Quaran, the Buddhist teachings.

Men seem to have made themselves the bosses around town.

What they say goes. and if not, watch out.

Men have all the say in too many matters.

Even Sexual pleasures. Women feel they must satisfy the Man.

The reverse is not always the case. The porno movie is not done to completion until the Man ejaculates.

It is rare to see a man end up in an ER from a wife beating.

The reverse is usually the case.

Men were once newborn babies that needed their mothers. They sucked breast milk from their mothers. they were carried by them before they learned to walk.

Male babies are the wanted baby in Asian Cultures.

Many times if a daughter is born she is shunned.

Sometimes abortions are done if it is a female.

The MAN seems to rule the world.

Then why is the world such a mess?

I beileve it will take a woman to fix this world and all its problems.

A woman just like this one.

She will be the solution.

She will figure it out.

She will save the WORLD!

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