Help Guide: How to Attend a Live Class in WizIQ Mobile App


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With the #WizIQ #eLearning #MobileApp, learners get the option to launch the WizIQ #VirtualClassroom in their smartphones or tablets and attend a live class. The learner-side features of the Virtual Classroom are also accessible within the app. These features include live chat or private chat with the instructors, ‘Raise Hand’ feature for raising a query during the session, option to answer the live poll questions created by the instructor in real-time, etc.
The WizIQ mobile app is quick to launch, easy-to-use and comes with an intuitive user-interface. The mobile accessibility of the live class and its features makes for a 360-degree learning experience. Learners do not need to rely on one device or stay at one place to be able to attend the live classes.
Watch this instructional video to know how to attend a live class in WizIQ mobile app as a learner.