How To Download & Install Minecraft Maps in Minecraft 1.14 (Get 1.14 Custom Maps!)


This video is our complete guide on how to download and install maps for Minecraft PC. I show you where to download custom Minecraft maps, and I show you exactly how to get them downloaded and installed. From where you can get custom maps to how you can set them up in Minecraft 1.14, every single step is outlined in this video so you can get some incredible Minecraft Maps!

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About this video: In this video, we go over exactly how you can download and install Minecraft Maps in Minecraft 1.14. No matter what kind of custom map you are looking for in 1.14, this video will show you how to get it. Everything from parkour maps in Minecraft 1.14 to custom survival maps to even 1.14 mini-games maps, it is all covered in this video! Thus, let’s go ahead and jump right on into how you install Minecraft maps in 1.14!

First and foremost, you need to download some maps for Minecraft 1.14. We have a list of the top 15 best Maps for Minecraft 1.14 linked in the description above. We try our best to have maps from every major category, so no matter what you are looking for in a custom map, we have it on that list!

After you have downloaded your Minecraft map for 1.14, we need to get installed. First things first, unzip your Minecraft Map, and open up the new file in created. You should see ‘data’, ‘DIM1’, and ‘DIM-1’. If you don’t, keep clicking through the folders until you do. Once you see the folders for your custom map, go back one folder and drag that to your desktop. You can now delete the zip file you downloaded.

Next, you will need to open up Minecraft 1.14. Next, click on single player, and then, click on any map you have in single player. You will see an ‘edit’ button in the bottom left of Minecraft. Click on that, then you should have an ‘Open World Folder’ button. Click that, and at the top of the screen, you will see ‘saves’. Click that. All you need to install Minecraft maps in 1.14 is drag and drop the map you downloaded into it. After that, you are good to go!

Go back to the Minecraft main menu, click on ‘Singleplayer’, and click on the map you installed. Congratulations! You know how to play Minecraft Maps in Minecraft 1.14. If you hae any questions about getting custom Minecraft 1.14 maps, let us know in the comment section down below, and be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, and it means a ton to me. Thank you very, very much in advance!

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