How to download & install your Norton product purchased from the Online Store


In this video, you will learn how to download and install Norton that you purchased from the Norton Online Store. You can follow this procedure to install Norton on a Windows computer or a Mac.
First, open your browser and go to
Go ahead and enter your Norton account credentials and click Sign In.
The email address and password are the same that you provided when you purchased your Norton subscription from the Norton Online Store.
After you sign in, you are presented with the option to download the Norton service that is compatible to your device.
Click Agree and Download.
As shown here the blue arrow will help you locate the downloaded file.
All you have to do is execute it.
Your Norton service will be downloaded in few minutes.
If the user account control window appears, click Continue.
Click the Agree and Install button.
Your Norton service is installed, activated, and registered automatically to your Norton account.
Now that you have successfully installed your Norton service, your device is protected and you can surf the Internet with confidence.
To install on additional computer, go to the computer you want to install and follow these steps again.
To install on mobile devices, go to
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