How to download Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes for Android. Link in Description.


TODAY I will Show you How to Download and Play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes in Your android.
As we know Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, known in Japan as Naruto: Narutimate Portable Zero is a North American and European-exclusive fighting game.
It was released in North America on August 28, 2007 and in Europe on September 14, 2007. It is essentially an edited version of Naruto: Narutimate Portable,
which also happens to be a scaled down version of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2.
Story Mode, Kabuto, Shizune, The Third Hokage, and two stages were removed in this release, while Naruto & Sasuke’s secret techniques were modified to
prevent spoilers (as the English dub had not reached the Sasuke Retrieval arc yet). To compensate for these removals, the game now has a 3-on-3 battle system,
similar to The King of Fighters; where the first team to defeat all 3 members of the other team wins. The game features 20 characters, 8 Stages, and several new
features, such as a three-on-three fighting system, wireless two-player battles, and “Hidden Team Skills”, which grant special abilities to a certain combination of

I have already downloaded all files and already extract it for video making.

Now you need to Download naruto ultimate ninja heroes Zip File (Link here)
link -
(wait atleast 10 seconds click on the Download Button and your download will be started )

Now you need to Download z archiver to extract the game download from this link.

Now you need to Download PPSSPP Emulator to play this game link here.

Now open your ppsspp Emulator and locate your game and enjoy.
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