How To Download (Freeware Similar To Photoshop)


How To Download [2016]
Okay so back in September I made a short video called: Two Freeware Programs For Making Simple 2D Animations – going over two of the free programs I personally use to create animations and I didn’t expect that people would react to it so strongly but it’s been getting a fair amount of views and so I’m receiving a lot more questions than I anticipated.
For that reason I’m going to make a series of short videos to address all the various issues that everyone is wondering about.
So issue number #1:
1.) “How do you download”

Go to then you scroll down to where it says version|date|language|download and there’s this little disc icon here, you can click that OR download it from the mirror but I’m just going to click this icon one, and okay now it takes you to another page and you’ll click here where it says “Free Download Now” underneath that it shows the version, as of the making of this video it’s at version 4.0.9 – depending on what browser you use you’ll get a little dialog box. If you use chrome it’ll probably be a little bar at the bottom of your browser and if you use firefox like me you’ll see this dialog box prompting you to save to a desired location. And if you use Internet Explorer, well, you’re an idiot. Don’t use Internet Explorer.
ALSO! PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS: I am using an adblocker. Therefore there are no AD DOWNLOADS displayed for me to accidentally click on. In my animation tutorial video I received a bunch of angry comments saying that those people ended up with viruses on their computer. IF YOU LISTEN TO EXACTLY WHAT I SAY and you follow my instructions to the letter you should not have any problems. Because I assure you that is NOT a virus.
Alright, so now, once the zip file is downloaded you can click open on your downloads bar but since I already have this installed so I’m just going to head over to my downloads folder..okay, you’re going to right click open and some of you may have to unzip depending on what browser you use.
You may see this “do you want to make changes to this computer?” click YES.
That opens the installer dialog box. You can choose express install or custom. You may want to click custom just so you can see what options you have, license agreement: I agree, click yes. If you already have a default photo editor you may want to uncheck some of these. If you are indifferent either way then you can opt for express. And click next again, and that’s going to install After it finishes installing it should automatically run if it doesn’t you can go into your menu and open it and voila! You are ready to start using
I hope this finally answers that question, and also helped anyone who just wanted to download You can’t be too cautious with these things, believe me I understand. So now you know EXACTLY what to do, exactly what I did, nothing more, nothing less.

For anyone interested in the original video:

And please stay tuned for the part 2 of this video where I will address your other concerns like how to use onion layers and some extra info regarding drawing animation frames. Peace.