how to get any free games and apps for free from your ipod/iphone [installous]


hey guys its patrick again!
im here to show you how to get installous,
installous is the app that you can download
any app, game whatever you like it is all there,

step by step: (if u don get the video)

1. go to cydia
2. go to manage
(it is in the bottom right of the screen)
3. go to sources
4. click “edit”
(it is in the upper right of the screen)
5. then click the icon
6. add this source
(as is)
7. click add source.
after it reloads
8. go to sections
9. look for the folder
10. in there, there will be like 5 or 6 apps install evrything
“exept Crackulous and edge to 3g icons”

11. it should reload a couple of times.

after installing evrything, you are good to go!

if you have any questions, problems, anything feel free
to message me, i will get to you as soon as possible.

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thank you guys!

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