How to get Free Domain Name and Web Hosting in India 2017 | Build a Free Website using WordPress


How to get Free Domain Name and Web Hosting for Your Website in India 2017 | Build a Free Website using WordPress

Hi there, In this video I am going to show you how you can get a 100% free domain name and hosting space for your next website in India and few other countries. You’ll get a website with top level domain of dot tk that is .tk. I am saying free and I really mean it. I’ll show you how to register for a free domain name on and then I’ll show you how to register for a free hosting space on hostinger. You’ll get 2000mb or 2GB of hosting space for your website contents such as script, images, text, video or any other media.

Okay, after that I’ll demonstrate you how to integrate your hosting space with your free domain name provider i.e. freenom by replacing the custom nameservers of your free domain name provider to free hosting service provider’s nameservers. Updating of nameservers may take time between 24hrs to 48hrs however nowadays I’ll not take that much time. Finally, I will show you how to use cpanel of your free hosting service provider, in this case hostinger to install your free website your wordpress. I’ll will be showing how to install wordpress 4.7 using “Auto Installer” option from the dashboard.

After we finished installing the wordpress on our server, then I’ll teach you how to login into the wordpress admin panel so that you can customize your free website or blog. I will also show you how to write your first blog post and change the current theme of your wordpress blog.

============Links for Free Domain & Hosting===========

100% Free Domain Name Registration in India and other countries:

Alternative of above

100% Free 2GB Hosting Space :


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00:40 – Register your free domain name

04:38 – Register on hostinger for free 2gb hosting space

09:09 – Pointing Domain NameServer to Hosting NameServer

13:20 – Setting up WordPress

16:50 – Changing your wordpress blog theme

19:02 – Write your first ever blog post using wordpress admin panel


If you have any questions, just comment below in comment section. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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