How to Get free domain name registration and website hosting with Cpanel | Tutorial 2019



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Hello Friends!
In this video, I’ll show you how to get domain name & web hosting with Cpanel. this video is very helpful for beginners. Get a Domain Name and Hosting the first level to build a website. If you are a beginner after watching this video you will be able to get the domain name and free web hosting with Cpanel and get free web hosting with unlimited space.
follow these steps:
step 1: Open infinity free Website.
open your browser and type in the search box. and Sign Up.
step 2: Verify your Email.
open your email inbox and you see a mail from infinity free. open it and click on the verify link.
step 3: Create a new account:
create a new account and add your domain name & goto create an account.
step 4: Open control panel.
Now you have register free Domain Name and hosting with Cpanel from infinityfree.
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