How to Get Free Web Hosting Bangla Tutorial – Create a Free Website Part 2


In this video, I will show you how to get free hosting & step by step process to create your first free website part 2

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Most of you know how to get a free domain think. But do you know you can get a free hosting too? Surprise!! Yes, today videos I will show you how to geta free hosting for your domain. You can host your free domain and also paid domain.

Today’s video we will talk about many things fists of all if you don’t know how to get a free domain you can visit the cards or click the description link to know how to get a free domain.

You have confirmed your email confirmation. Login to your email address and confirmed your email.

Once you were done then the next part is to get a free hosting. Thre is a site called this site will provide you free hosting. Signup and fill up the form and hit over sign up.

Now ad the domain name with your hosting and change the DNS settings. Once you did the install WordPress.

To install WordPress you have to click on the building website and select your site and click on the install now.

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