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Hello ladies and Gentleman my name is Panos and in this video tutorial I am about to show you how to make your own website, Portfolio or Blog FOR FREE yes you heard this right it is totally FREE! So Despite some tutorials showing you only some of the info you actually need ( some of them are even too old to keep up with ). So here’s how everything started. If you are subscribed to the channel you probably now that I am uploading Blender tutorials ( Blender is an open source 3D software ) but instead of doing something casual I thought that it might be a good idea making a “How ot make your own website” Tutorial and the reason being why; when I tried to first build up my website it took me around 2 – 3 days just to set everything up! I had a lot of issues with the websites as they where ( at least most of them ) Outdated so I had to go online and find some help. So I decided that it would be a really good idea showing to people how to make their own website, Blog or Portfolio for free as they were able to grow up their business / find a job / make money etc. But what am I actually going to see in this tutorial you may ask. Well the answer is simple at the start of the video I am talking a bit about why you should make a website / blog / portfolio then I am heading over to my next point which is finding a free .tk domain name then heading over on getting hosted for free and finally moving on installing themes to your website sing WordPress and how to edit stuff. Although I am not going too deep on how to build the website as the tutorial was going to get really long but there are some great videos that are showing you how to build up you website from that part I left you ( links for them will be in the description of curse ).

Other helpful videos!

From the point that I left the video I haven’t really covered much to be honest about building the website and the way it is designed so here I am going to leave some other cool tutorials that show you how to actually design your website. If you are more of an advanced user you can instead of using WordPress upload your files and Index html that you have probably made in Dreamweaver so that you can have more control.

WordPress tutorials on how to design your website:

1. How To Make a WordPress Website – 2014: (By “Tyler Moore”)

2. How To Build A Website with WordPress 2014 ( By “Let’s Build WordPress” )

How to build it on Dreamweaver:

1. Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a SIMPLE website using CSS and HTML (for beginners)

How to build it using Dreamweaver and Photoshop:


I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial This video took quite a lot of effort to be made ( especially for the description ) so I hope you all enjoyed it. I also hope that it actually helped a lot of people out there building their website / portfolio / blog and that you will create some really cool content.

Last but not least I want to wish Good Luck to all of you with your websites / portfolios / blogs.
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