How to Mix Songs On Cross Dj Mobile app Tutorial In Hindi/ Part-1


How U Van Make Ur Party Like Real Party
I Will Showing You How Make Party More Intresting
And Be A Real Dj
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The 1st pro DJ app on Android. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Engineered by Mixvibes, digital DJing pioneer for 15 years.

“Cool piece of work.” (DJ Mag)
“An impressive app.” (The Guardian)
“Challenging our notions of what can be done on a touchscreen.” Android Police
“Good looks, great sounding FX, great sync engine, ‘slip’ mode, proper loops and cues.” (DJ TechTools)

• Accurate BPM detection of your music, down to the last decimal
• Stable sync: one-press, and the 2 tracks never go out of phase
• Split Mono: pre-listen your music tracks before mixing them (in-app)
• Progressive, manual pitch bend
• Customizable, manual pitch range (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%).
• Accurate beat-grid editing: make any track sync properly
• Parallel waveforms mode to visually check if your tracks are synced.
• Quantize feature : hot cues and loops are automatically set on the beat.
• Smart-seek: tap on the waveform to fast-forward & get a seamless jump.
• Automix: let Cross DJ mix your tracks and play music automatically, from any sources (in-app)
• External mixer: control EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers (in-app)

• Low latency: music reacts instantly to your actions
• Extremely realistic scratch sound as on real turntables
• 1 effect (Low-pass) Visit the in-app store to get more awesome effects!
• Keylock mode: change BPM without affecting the tone (in-app)
• Key detection: detect the key of the songs and know which tracks sound good together
• Autogain: automatically equalizes the levels of 2 tracks

• 2 turntables, full-fledged 3-band EQ mixer – with DJM EQ preset
• Sampler: 12 sample banks + possibility to record your own samples (in-app)
• Mix SoundCloud: explore, play and mix all SoundCloud
• New Waveform view: scratch & see the music + set cue accurately
• Separate Tabs: swipe to display different panels on each side
• Large buttons, optimized for small screens
• Crossfader with 3 modes: cut, autofade, normal
• Music player is compatible with MP3s, AAC, FLAC and more
• Multiple sorting options: sort your library by title, artist, album, BPM or length
• Navigation by folder
• Large control pads: XY effect pad, 16 hot-cues pads
• Optimized for mobile & tablet
• Optimized for Intel processors

• Android 4.1
• 4″ screen
• RAM: 1GB
• Dual-core processor

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