How to redeem a PS4 PSN Discount Code – Expires 6/30/2019! (Read Description) Demonstration


The following video was made to demonstrate how to enter in a discount code for the PlayStation 4. This particular discount code is a 20% discount code.

This video was made in 2016 so the code used is expired and will not work. This is no a charity and if you want to buy a code, you can do so buy purchasing one from the link in the description box. The lack of reading comprehensive skills for viewers of this video is downright disappointing.

If you didn’t already know, the code shown in the video was used. You will need to purchase an unused code in order for it to work correctly. This video is just a demonstration of what steps are needed to redeem the discount code.

This will not work for pre-orders, PlayStation Plus, or warranties.

To purchase this code for $5.99, click the link below:

The code expires on 6/30/2019.

Click here to buy PS+ and more:

I may have some more codes in the near future. Click on the link below to check out deals on Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, and more.