How To Set Up A Business Email Through Gmail For Free


This tutorial guides you on how to use your own business domain to send and receive professional emails using a free Gmail account. It shows how to setup the google mail client with your custom business domain and send out branded work emails from within Gmail. You will be able to send and receive emails using your own domain. You won’t need google apps for work.
It is assumed that you have already bought or registered a domain name through a hosting or registrar company like godaddy.
To get your external emails INTO gmail there are 2 options:
1) POP 3 less responsive, gmail has to pull periodically.
2) Forward is instant. — Recommended
You can either look up POP3 settings when you login to your hosting provider or just search for it on Google: e.g. POP3 settings for go daddy.
I’m going to show you how to set up forward in 1and1 and siteground.
Send emails USING your company domain:
Click on Add another email address you own
You can find the port and SMTP server settings through the admin cpanel. Or just search for it on Google.
Make sure you set reply from the same address the message was sent to.
That’s how you setup your business email through gmail for free and look professional when sending emails.
I highly recommend you use ONE email account and don’t setup multiple as jumping from one inbox to another is a waste of time.
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Further info:
This video tutorial guide shows how to use your own business domain to send and receive professional emails using a free Gmail account. You can setup your work email from directly within a gratis google mail account. You don’t need google apps for business.
It will also work for other domain registrars and hosting providers such as godaddy, namecheap,,, DreamHost, domain monster, WP engine, host gator, bluehost, 123-reg, 1&1, 1 and 1, site ground, but also other ICANN accredited Registrars. It works with TLS or SSL settings. Just make sure you are using SMTP e.g. and the correct port.