How To Upload Your Website with a Free Domain and Hosting Service


If you have already finished making your website but wanting to know how to get it up online, here’s the tutorial. This tutorial will show you how to upload your website to a free Hosting service and how to get a free domain name for your website, just like my website. Make sure your files of your website are in one folder.

The hosting website is called Locker Nerd. It does provide a free hosting service but it is not as excellent as the ones you have to pay for since they provide more storage. But this hosting service is good enough, even if there’s alot of media in it. Here’s the link –

The domain name provider is ‘CO.CC’. This is my favorite because it is, well, almost close to like ‘’ but with a ‘cc’ instead so it’ nice. Also, you can get certain domain names you want either free, or $3 per year (That’s if your domain is short and easy that is). Here’s the link to it –

Then follow the instructions in the video on how to register, upload, and browse your website, publicly!