Imam Hussain Holy Shrine launches mobile app to identify location of lost, missing pilgrims


The Center for Lost and Missing Persons of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine has announced the launch of a new modern electronic method to find the lost and missing persons during Arbaeen.
“In preparation for the massive Arbaeen Pilgrimage, the technical team from Najaf province, the Iranian and Pakistani consulates and a number of specialists and concerned parties met with the aim of unifying the work and dealing with the obstacles encountered in the previous years,” said Zaki al-Mangooshi, director of the center.
He added that “the plan of action included the city of Karbala and even the bordering cities surrounding Iraq,” noting that the plan this year will witness the adoption of modern mechanisms and technological programs linked through mobile devices.
“We have launched a number of guidelines to keep pilgrims from being lost, especially children and elderly men and women,” added al-Mangooshi.
He explained that the center sends photographs of the missing persons to all the centers deployed in the city and their photographs are also displayed in large screens.
“A number of associates and volunteers who speak several languages have been hired to communicate with foreign pilgrims,” he concluded.