Improving Web and Mobile App Typography – 5 basic guidelines


One of my goals this year is to digest important concepts in design and then try to explain them in a concise, easy-to-follow format. My first attempt is on typography. I studied from the best and I was able to list five essential principles to improve the typographic quality of your web and mobile app products in this video. I hope you like it—your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Here are five essential practical guidelines to improve your typographic quality of your web and mobile product designs.

1. Start by choosing your body text typeface.
2. Try to avoid mixing typefaces.
3. Watch your line length.
4. Balance line height and point size.
5. Use proper Apostrophes and Dashes.

I plan to go more into detail in a crash course on typography that I’ll publish here. We’ll talk about the difference between typefaces and fonts, how to choose the right type, where to discover good typography, pairing typefaces, and more conceptual stuff. In the meantime, check out these awesome resources:


To find fonts for the web and mobile apps

Typewolf, a great source of inspiration and resources

Just My Type, learning how to mix typefaces

Jessica Hische’s fantastic guide on type for the web

Professional web typography by Donny Truong

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Style Manual by Andy Taylor

Fonts have feelings too, by Mikael Cho (great read)