Investment And Requirements To Start Drop Shipping In Tamil


Investment And Requirements To Start Drop Shipping In Tamil.

Investment To Start Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is most valuable earning methods who are willing to do E- Commerce. We don’t need to handle any products from our side.

Here i describe how drop shipping working

You are going to drop product virtually from suppliers and deliver to your customers. Here you are act as middle man and earning some commission. There are lots of site earning from drop shipping they are doing paid ads and free methods to promote their website. As a starter you can follow my free traffic methods i already upload video on our thagavalgal channel. Those the methods are really valuable and 100% suite for you to promote your drop shipping website or affiliate marketing website.

What is investment need to start drop shipping?

If you starter you can do with free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc., but as my point of view you need to invest on Domain And Hosting. This will help you to give more trust to your customers. And after that you need to well designed website. In market place there are many designer who are ready to make drop shipping website. You can see my Website making video that will sure help you to build website yourself without any cost.

Who is best Hosting and Domain Providers ?

I suggest Godaddy for Domain Provider and Bluehost for Hosting Provider .

What kind of products i can select from Aliexpress or some other seller ?

Most of the new drop shippers are doing some wrong way of selecting products to sell. But i suggest you select always to promote single niche products that always work and also you can find winning products. If you are ready to invest more you can just move to multiple products selling.

What is the total cost i need to invest to start Drop shipping ?

Domain And Hosting Charge – $120 Approximately

Designing site : $300 to 400 Approximately ( If you can design your site this will save your money )

If you are using ads – $300 Per month is best to start.

Totally – $800 to $850 To start perfect drop shipping.

Ok now i ready to start business what to do ?

Just do 1000+ products reviews and select best products and seller. Contact them and tell to them that you are doing drop shipping do some favor.
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