KAPPI (KAPPI) Airdrop 25,000 KAPPI tokens (~$ 200)


KAPPI Airdrop is worth 25,000 KAPPI tokens (~$ 200) for 1,000 randomly chosen participants.


KAPPI works as a network of several different independent blockchains, which are called spaces. Each of these spaces is powered through a KAPPI DWARF, ensuring that there are a consistent, high-performing and secure PBFT similar consensus engine wherein the accountability is guaranteed through forks. The KAPPI algorithm is scalable and can be used for proof of stake, public blockchains.

The KAPPI is a cryptocurrency that operates a multi-asset proof of stake and has a simple governance system that allows for upgrades and is generally adaptable. The KAPPI DWARF can connect to other spaces allowing it to be extended.How to join the KAPPI Airdrop?
Tokens Per Airdrop25,000 KAPPI for 1,000 random winnersTokens Per ReferralNo Referral ProgramKYCKYC is not a requirement

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

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Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide KAPPI Airdrop

  1. Visit the KAPPI Airdrop form. 
  2. Join KAPPI on Telegram.
  3. Follow KAPPI on Twitter & retweet any tweet.
  4. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form. 
  5. 1,000 randomly chosen participants will receive 25,000 KAPPI tokens.