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I was off on an adventure as usual but this time I wandered into a little ole one horse town and saw the sign that said Saloon, Gambling, CASINO! Well that’s all it took so I turned in and this lady went and parked my car. A big burly man opened the door for me, I assumed he was the local sheriff as he was wearing a gun and badge. So I moseyed in the doorway to be hit with this pungent cigarette smoke smell! Wooo weee there sat 162 little ole ladies with a Marlboro hangin out there mouths and 2 more burning in the ashtrays, the sound of button slappin and cussin filled the air. I made it to the back by this big sign that said eats, all you can. Wow all you can eat for $28.99 what a bargin I thought. Then I looked up and this set of eyes were staring at me. It was a strange looking device that you put money in and it gave you a little back, similar to the big boxes the old ladies were a slappin up front. I was lured to the machine, I stuck a $150 ticket in it and this is what happened to me right before I got a bargin at that all you could eat place. Come along and see what we got from that big slithering fire breathing snake. Let’s go Spinning and Winning Blain Style…..