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What we allow:
You may link to your site, we don’t mind one bit as long as it’s for the right purposes.
For forums, take like hackforums, we don’t care if you link to them because face it, we’re built by them in the end.
Or sites like bitcointalk, that’s a forum but it’s not advertising to link to them as you’re not trying to build their user base or anything but this depends on what kind of forum and in what purpose you’re “advertising” them for.

What we do not allow:
Advertising forums in the intent to make them gain users or shit.
^ – That also includes linking to like VHF, FK etc, those are bad sites thus should not be linked to.
Advertising scam sites.
Advertising phishing sites.
Having domains in titles or signatures.
Advertising or selling children who sucks way too much dick either way and pornography sites I love Kitties