Mario Party 9 ~ All Free-For-All Mini-Games (44)


Here are all of the Free-For-All mini games in this game. Coming from a guy who only liked the Mario Party’s on the 64, this one is pretty good. I will have the story mode uploaded later today along with the rest of the mini games, such as the Bowser Jr. ones.

CPU: Very Hard


List of Free-For-All minigames:
Buddy Bounce
Logger Heads
Pinball Fall
Launch Break
Goomba Village
Speeding Bullets
Pianta Pool
Chain Event
Skipping Class
Mecha Choice
Jigsaw Jumble
Growing Up
Upward Mobility
Ring Leader
Smash Compactor
Peak Precision
10 to Win
Tuber Tug
Card Smarts
Toad and Go Seek
Polar Extreme
Goomba Bowling
Tumble Temple
Twist Ending
Manor of Escape
Player Conveyor
Ballistic Beach
Bumper Bubbles
Finger Painting
Bomb Barge
Don’t Look
Snow Go
Pirahna Patch
Plunder Ground
Pier Pressure
Pit or Platter
Thwomper Room
Urn it
Goomba Spotting
Magma Mayhem
Pizza Me, Mario
Fungi Frenzy