MeconCash (MCH) Airdrop


MeconCash Airdrop isworth ~$ 5 in MCH tokens. 

About MeconCash

MeconCash offers a blockchain-based new paradigm for a mobile app, game service and P2P trade of cryptocurrency. MeconCash will be used as a payment method and reward currency in mobile applications, games, and character services in the blockchain ecosystem. It will be transferred through the MeconCash wallet and also serve as a currency for the real commerce. P2P brokerage exchanges and the listing of exchanges will make its value further increased. MeconCash is rated 4.2/5 on ICObench and already tradable on DigiFinex, Colover and Coin25Ex.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

MeconCash banner

Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide MeconCash Airdrop

  1. Go to the MeconCash Airdrop form.
  2. Join MeconCash Group & Channel on Telegram.
  3. Join MeconCashGame on Telegram.
  4. Complete Identity verification in the airdrop form & submit your details.
  5. Once the MeconCash Game App is ready, you will receive a mail with a code to the app. You will receive your free MCH tokens in the app.