MediLives (MLIV) Airdrop 1,200 MLIV tokens (~$10)


MediLives Airdrop is worth 1,200 MLIV tokens (~$10). Share your referral link to earn 600 MLIVtokens (~$ 5) for every referral.

About MediLives

MediLiVes aims to disrupt the healthcare & telemedicine industry by lowering the cost & barrier in conducting algorithmic medical examination models.

MediLiVes is focused on telemedicine solutions. The MediLiVes platform enables healthcare professionals and patients to collect, store and harvest key findings from medical examinations data. The app is capable of recognizing more than 20 irregularities in ECG signals, making diagnosis significantly faster. There are more than 20 diagnostics which can be carried out using the MediLiVes devices. MediLives is rated 3.8/5 on ICObench.

How to join the MediLives Airdrop?
Tokens per airdrop1,200 MLIVTokens per referral600 MLIVTotal Supply allocated for Airdrop100 million MLIV

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

MediLives banner

Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide MediLives Airdrop

  1. Chat with the MediLives Airdrop bot and click on ‘Join Airdrop‘.
  2. Join the Telegram group & channel of MediLives.
  3. Follow MediLives on Twitter and retweet the pinned post.
  4. Follow MediLives on Facebook and make a positive post.
  5. Subsribe to MediLives on YouTube.
  6. Register on the MediLives website and verify your mail.
  7. Submit your Ethereum Wallet Address and other details to the airdrop bot.
  8. You will receive 1,200 MLIV tokens. Invite friends to earn 600 MLIV tokens per referral.
  9. Would you like to receive the latest free Airdrop Alerts? Join our Telegram or Twitter.