Modern House Plans from The Plan Collection


Do modern house plans rock your boat? Great news, The Plan Collection has the premiere modern house plan collection for a price you can afford.

The modern house design grew from the popular Art Deco architectural style of the 1920s and 30s. In general modern house styles are very simplistic and geometrical in nature.

Usually the walls are smooth with shallow or flat pitch roofs. They are consistent in design throughout. Stucco, stone, glass blocks, streamlined metal railings, concrete foundations and smooth finishes are abundant in Modern House designs.

All of The Plan Collections’ Modern House Plans are ready to go. Just give them to your contractor and as soon as he pulls the necessary building permits, you’re ready to begin construction. Each house plan contains: front, rear, right and left elevations; floor plans for each floor; cross section profiles and detail drawings of stairs, masonry details, roof pitches and more; and include footprints with dimensions, joist notations, stairs, fixtures and outlets and more.

Need to add an extra room, a desire to flip the house design horizontally, modify the entrance way, or have accessibility issues? These and other changes and modifications are easily accommodated and you will find our support staff knowledgeable, willing and able to assist you in creating your modern dream home.

Here at The Plan Collection, we believe that everyone should have access to beautiful, affordable home design. Our pre-drawn house plans can help save you time and money when you’re designing and building the home of your dreams. Browse our collection of more than 20,000 house plans drawn by leading architects and designers, and find the perfect home to fit your needs!