Mountain Dream Home — Designing Additions Beyond the Core


Nick is back from his week away, but still hasn’t made any sawdust! This is a low-key look at his design process — both for the mudroom and for the added bedroom that’s still in the dreaming phase — and why he never starts cutting until he is satisfied with the drawing.

I’m excited about the attached bedroom opening out on to the deck! We’re going to do water storage under it, too. What do you all think?

About the Mountain Dream Home:

This is the third update in our third season, in which the little house is getting ready for phase two of timber framing!

Next week we’ll cut down some trees and start milling.

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About the Mountain Dream Home:

Nearly two years in construction, seven years in the dreaming and preparing, we’re celebrating progress on our off-grid dream home in the woods. We’re an ordinary family of modern homesteaders, pursuing self-reliance and a life of learning skills. We’re making a life for ourselves beyond the rat race and we’re inviting you to come along!

Updates come out most Wednesday nights in the building season.


The music in this video:

Turning Clouds Into Mountains by Mr. and Mrs. Smith