My Jamaican Dream House Part 12


Hi… Welcome back to Wayne’s YouTube channel. Just a small clarification, the previous video was voiced by me Shemana for Wayne. So that should take care of the slight confusion with viewers thinking Wayne is a girl…

This video is a continuation from my last video with some of the unfinished work I didn’t get to take pictures of, like the rental unit, bathroom, veranda and driveway.
I wasn’t satisfied with the way the originally plan for the front of the house, turned out, so I added the garage. As such, I’ll have access to the roof of the garage as additional outdoor space.

Right here I have placed some marl on the ground to reduce the amount of red dirt coming in contact with the house. As you can see I have already leveled, compacted and smooth the area. I have also added a concrete drive way to the entrance of the rental unit.

My tenant has moved in and have installed their internet service wires on the roof. It took me about 4 days; 8 hours per day to dig the area out. It was a lots of hard work and stubborn rocks but it sure was worth it in the end.

Here is the foundation for the garage, it will be a two and a half car garage.

I’m planning to knock out the window on the right and open the space into a double door for the main entrance. I’m also planning on closing up a window inside the garage just left of the door inside the house.

I also have to repaint the house soon because sun has burnt out the original paint. This time however, I think I’m going to use a paint with a more gloss.

That’s basically it for now guys. Thank you for watching, and as usual please don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe…


Voice was done by Shemana on behalf of me (Wayne). You can check out her album on iTune