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WordPress for beginners training:
This video is part of the free WordPress for beginners training course by Yoast Academy. Take the full course (including reading materials and quizzes) at and learn everything you need to know about setting up a website with WordPress, step-by-step.

Whether you want to create your own personal blog, an online store, or a business website – with WordPress, creating your own website is easy as pie. If you know what you’re doing, of course. In this free online WordPress for beginners course, we’ll guide you through every step of setting up, creating, and maintaining your own WordPress website. All content for this course is created by the SEO and WordPress experts at Yoast. They’re the creators of the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress worldwide. Combined, they have over a 100 years of WordPress experience!

About this video:
If you are new to WordPress, it may be hard for you to tell the difference between and But no worries, we will make it all clear for you in this video!

In short, is basically a site where you can create an account and, like that, create your own site or blog. allows you to download the WordPress software so you can install it on your own site. If we dive even deeper, we can list the following 3 main differences:

Hosting and domain
The main difference between and is who’s hosting your site. takes care of all the hosting for you, while with, you take care of where you host your own website. This means that if you use, you have to pay for your web hosting and domain registration. is free for up to 3 GB of storage space, but you cannot have a custom domain, unless you pay a premium plan.

If monetizing your site is important to you, the better option is The free version of doesn’t allow you to sell ads on your site. If you want to advertise, you need to get a Premium or Business plan. And even with these plans, you’ll share part of your revenue with WordPress, through a platform called WordAds. On the other hand, monetization is free if you use

Maintenance requires you to do all the maintenance yourself. That means taking care of updates, backups, and security. But that also means you have the freedom to choose how often you want to do backups and updates, and what kind of security measures you want to take. You don’t have to worry about this if you use, this is all automatically taken care of.

This may be a lot to take in, so let’s try to make this a bit easier to understand. You could see using as renting a house: you have limited power and control over what you can and cannot do. However, maintenance is taken care of for you. On the other hand, is like owning a house. You have full control and you can do anything you want with it, but you also have to maintain the house yourself.

So, if you want to get the most out of your website, but also don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we’d recommend using This option has much better customization options, and you can install any theme, plugin, and do just about anything with your site.

Yoast Academy:
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