NingaliNet RAT [Cracked] latest version review


The rat was tested on my Virtual Machine, with learning and testing purpose.
I decided to start my new project, i have free time so i decided to share with you and i hope to can make things to work.I like very much to make YouTube reviews about products (and i also have a passion for hacking) so i was thinking to combine both of them in a good way, i want to make reviews to RAT’s/Botnets/gadgets. I saw many people/users asking “how to use/how to do that” so i decided to help them (no one was born educated).
The idea it is i don’t have so much money to buy every rat/botnet/gadget and to be honest i don’t want to make reviews to cracked rat/botnet’s. I really appreciate the work of people who build this programs and i know the feeling when i try to make something and someone come with a copy. So i come with idea of donations(everyone as much wants and he can), btc/license.

This is my btc adress: 1JxiKop9tN2HAPAQHgLVkThbSj4nc3EbXe

Note: for btc donations at description please specify reason for what’s your donation (even if it’s 1cent) will be more easy for me also to know for what i have money and what to buy.

I appreciate if someone wants to help me, and if someone wants to donate a license key it’s same cool for me.
For any questions we are here to answer you!

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