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Eng’r Aries Rey Lagadia
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Options in choosing modern designs, quality and construction of a dream house/project is crucial. The typical classic outlook is to save on cost yet expect the highest quality ever. Find the best builder that cares who can reconcile the balance between the rival aspects of QUALITY and COST.

We take care of building design & construction including codes and safety requirements such as climate change & earthquake design considerations, proper steel reinforcement installation, appropriate concrete mixes, placement and many others. All can jeopardize the safety of you and your family if not taken into consideration. The cost of rebuilding or repairs ballooned compare to what you should have spent in the first place. Our build is supervised by our highly experienced engineers to avoid further complication and or inspections.

Don’t settle on “not so designed structure” since this can be made possible with our 2D AutoCAD & 3D sketchup architectural designs used by our trusted engineers – service guaranteed!

Choose ALJL!