OmniSparx round 2 (ETH) Airdrop


OmniSparx Airdrop Referral Contest is worth 2.70 Ethereum (ETHin total. Contest winners will be chosen based on the number of referrals and Ethereum will be given to the top 10 as of that time and date in the amounts set forth below:

Rank                     Reward
1                           1 ETH
2-3                        0.50 ETH
4-10                      0.10 ETH

About OmniSparx

OmniSparx is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) whose mission is to support the health and growth of Open Communities so that people anywhere can collaborate and engage and improve their social environments. OmniSparx supports the growth and health of Open Communities by resolving the challenges inherent to communication and collaboration in an open environment. They advance their mission through the OmniSparx platform. OmniSparx’s goal is to be the premier authenticated and incentivized collaboration platform for Open Communities.

Roger Ver announces in a video that he has become an investor and advisor for OmniSparx and how it will help the community grow and thrive.

OmniSparx Airdrop Round one was successfully completed.

How to join the OmniSparx round 2 Airdrop?
Tokens per airdropRanking basedTotal Airdrop allocation2.70 ETHKYCKYC is not a requirement

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

OmniSparx round 2 banner

Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide OmniSparx Referral Contest

  1. Chat with the OmniSparx
     Telegram bot. 
  2. Join OmniSparx on Telegram.
  3. Submit your Ethereum wallet address.
  4. Invite friends to win up to 1 Ethereum.

Note: Ten winners will be chosen based on the number of referrals who join the @omnisparx Telegram channel by 12 pm (Chicago, USA time) on October 14, 2019. The ranking will depend on the number of referrals and Ethereum will be given to the top 10 Referrers. It is expected that winners will be determined within 48 hours of the close of the Contest and will be notified within 96 hours.

For more information regarding the Airdrop & Rules, read this Medium article.

OmniSparx Video