PS PLUS February 2019 Predictions | Playstation Plus Free Games February 2019


These are my personal Predictions for Playstation PLUS for February 2019.

This is NOT a definitive list of upcoming games but my own list of speculations and possibilities. I created the list by myself, without copying from any other sources.

Info for OPTCLEAN.COM : Don’t even think about copying my predictions again, like you did in the last months! Cassio Coelho go and create your own list you useless “journalist”!

No.1 :
Tom Clancy’s : The Division
Released in 2016
Official :
Reason: At the moment “The Division” is given out for free in the asian PS PLUS Lineup for January 2019. The sequel to this awesome game will also soon be released in March 2019. These two facts make it quite sure that this great end-time game will come for free in the West too.

No.2 :
Metro Redux
Released in 2014
Official :
Reason: The long awaited post-apocalyptical Metro installment called EXODUS is about to release and what could be better than boosting its sales and also call the players’ attention to it ? Right ! Givin us the Metro Redux passage for free, which is consisting of two games : Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light; both in the remastered version. Metro Last Light was already given out for free in PS Plus four years ago so it might be possible to see this game next month in combination with The Division as an end-times post-apocalyptical combo.

No.3 :
Killer is Dead (PS3)
Released in 2016
Official :
Reason: This game has often been on discount in the Playstation Store and has often been on the wishlist of many fans in several discussion boards. It would be a great addition for the PS Plus lineup, as the PS3 era is almost at its end. Remeber that this is the last month we get PS3 and PS Vita games for free.

No.4 :
DiRT Showdown (PS3)
Released in 2014
Reason: Dirt Rally 2.0 is about to release this March and fans can’t wait to finally play it. We have seen Dirt 3 for free in PS Plus back in November 2016 and to make the players, who don’t know the series, pay attention to this awesome racing game, they could give us DiRT Showdown for free, which would be a great choice and a glorious end to the PS3 era.

No.5 :
Shovel Knight (PSVita)
Released in 2014
Store :
Reason: Shovel Knight is one of the most popular PS Vita games but it never made its way to Playstation Plus. Why ? Nobody knows but I think it’s finally the time for this great 8-bit Indie game to shovel its way to the PS PLUS Community.

Axiom Verge (PSVita)
Released in 2015
Reason: Axiom Verge is a popular Metroid-like game, which can also be compared with favorite games like Probotector for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the days. Many people would be very happy to see this game as a worthy end to the PS Plus Vita era.

No.7: Stardew Valley (PSVita; Alternative to Shovel Knight)
Released in 2016
Reason: Stardew Valley is a really cool game which can be compared to Harvest Moon.Unfortunately it never made its way to PS PLUS for unknown reasons. Maybe it was too sold too well for giving it out for free but please give it to us in February. End the PS Vita era with a blockbuster!

Copyright Info:
The texts contained in the description, as well as the arrangement/the order of the games in the list are subject to the copyright of Roadblockers Gaming and are not to be taken over for an own prediction article or video without my consent

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