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PS Plus March 2019

These are my personal PS PLUS March 2019 Predictions.

This is NOT a definitive list of upcoming games but my own list of speculations and possibilities. I created the list by myself, without copying from any other sources.

In this video I have 3 games but in fact only 2 of them are coming to PS Plus. I also predict The Division again, which is not included in the video.

No.1 :
Gravity Rush 2
Released in 2017
Official :
Reason: Gravity Rush 2 was already free for PS Plus in Asia in December 2018, so I think there is a good chance to get it in America and Europe too after three months of waiting.

No.2 :
Mortal Kombat XL
Released in 2015
Official :
Reason: Mortal Kombat 11 is about to release in April 2019, so I think the time for Mortal Kombat X to be free in PS Plus has come. Just like the previous installment MK9, which came to PS Plus in December 2012, there is a high chance for us to get MKX too. It would be a perfect way to promote MK11.

No.3 :
God Eater 2
Released in 2013
Official :
Reason: Alongside with Gravity Rush 2, God Eater 2 was available for free in Asia in December 2018 and many people in the rest of the world wished to play it also. God Eater 3 is released in February 2019, so there is no reason to give this game out for free in America and Europe too

Copyright Info:
The texts contained in the description, as well as the arrangement/the order of the games in the list are subject to the copyright of Roadblockers Gaming and are not to be taken over for an own prediction article or video without my consent

PS Plus March 2019
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PS Plus March 2019 Predictions
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PS Plus March 2019
PS4 Free Games Lineup March 2019
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