PS PLUS May 2019 Predictions | PS4 Free Games May 2019 ?


These are just my personal predictions of the Free PS Plus Games Lineup for April 2019. No official facts or leaks…just MY predictions.
Read the description to see why I chose those games.

No.1 :
Gran Turismo Sport
Released in 2017
Official :
Reason: It has been a while since we got a Racing game on PS PLUS and as a PS4 exclusive game, I think it will come in the near future. Maybe also in May 2019

No.2 :
Sniper Elite 3 or 4
Released in 2014/2017
Official :
Reason: The reason I chose Sniper games as possibilities is, that they both had been on sale quite often and they were alsopart of the Humble Bundle monthly Packs. Sniper 3 in February 2019 and Sniper 4 in September 2018.
As I discovered, HB games will also often come to PS PLUS .
For example The Surge and Conan Exiles were both Part of the Humble Pack in August 2018 and now they are both free for PS PLUS

No.3 :
Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy
Released in 2017
Official :
Reason: This game was often predicted by the PS4 community and there is also a new Crash Bandicoot Racing game coming out soon so I think it could be a possibility even if its a newer game.

No.4 :
Released in 2016
Reason: Oxenfree was given away for free in the Epic Store together with The Whitness and this is why I think it could be a possible game

This is NOT a definitive list of upcoming games but my own list of speculations and possibilities. I created the list by myself, without copying from any other sources.

Kasabian – U Boat
Aloe Blacc – Ticking Bomb

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